Dojo and Regional News

It is with the greatest pleasure that I am announcing the promotion of Cheryl Moore-Gough Sensei to the aikido rank of Godan (5th dan). This promotion comes though Aikido’s Hombu Dojo and is directly conferred to Moore-Gough Sensei from the Head of World Aikido, Moriteru Ueshiba Doshu during the this year’s Kagami-Biraki celebration in Tokyo. We here at Big Sky Aikido count ourselves very fortunate indeed to have this recognition conferred to one of our Sensei.

Cheryl Sensei receives Godan (5th dan).

Big Sky Aikido is pleased to announce our 2018 Spring Seminar. We are delighted to host Chetan Prakash Sensei from Redlands Aikikai. 

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To “check out” the surroundings, Bozeman itself, and get the feel of the area where the seminar is located please copy and past the following address into your browser. You’ll like what you see.

For a copy of the seminar flyer click on the picture below.


The East Coast Bridge Seminar is soon to arrive and, I’d very much enjoy meeting you there! It would indeed be a special treat for me to reconnect with many of my old friends and acquaintances and, to make new friends as well within our mutual aikido communities.  Catching up by sharing our life adventures and maybe telling a few stories certainly would be a special delight. Therefore, I would very much enjoy seeing you in Orlando for this special event. Yup!

This Spring, on the weekend of April 20th, Dr. Chetan Prakash (ASU 6th dan) will be joining us here  in Bozeman, MT. ASU’s Big Sky Aikido will be hosting Dr. Prakash for our annual Spring aikido seminar.  All aikidoists irrespective of affiliation are invited to visit our Big Sky Aikido dojo for an invigorating weekend of aikido and camaraderie.