Dojo and Regional News

Oct. 21st The MSU Beginning Aikido Classes visited Big Sky Aikido’s dojo for it’s Saturday morning “Breathing Class.” A fine time was had by all the beginning students and well as the “old timers.” Although, the Chaos photo seen below is viewed with some skepticism by several of the new students.


Oct. 18th: Cheryl Sensei writes in Facebook she will be away from Aikido for about a month recuperating from oral surgery starting this Thursday. Subs for weapons class are Christopher Gonzales Thursday 10/19, and Tom Stenzel Sensei for the following three weeks (or less, depending on her healing). 

 Oct. 21st, Saturday Morning “Breathing Class”:  MSU Beginning Aikido Course students visiting and training at Big Sky Aikido. (Please train and make the MSU students feel welcome.)