Sensei Olson

Gregory Olson: Aikido 6th Dan. Olson Sensei has enjoyed Budo training for 52 years and is the founder of Big Sky Aikido. As well as teaching aikido at Montana State University for over 30 years, he continues to teach and train in the Bozeman dojo as he strives to share the mysteries and joys of aikido training with his students and others. He particularly enjoys the community the art gives to him.

Sensei Stenzel

Thomas Stenzel: Aikido 5th Dan. Stenzel Sensei has been training in the Bozeman dojo for 39 years and is known for his insightful speaking analogies using the relationship of aikido to our everyday lives. He delivers workshops and teaches classes using aikido as a guide to understanding leadership principles and conflict resolution. He is particularly interested in communicating the importance of applying aikido practice outside the dojo.

Cheryl Sensei

Cheryl Moore-Gough: Aikido 5th Dan. Cheryl Sensei has enjoyed aikido training for 25 years at Big Sky Aikido. She has attended many seminars to build on the foundation she receives there. She finds particular fulfillment in studying aikido weapons with a variety of aikido sensei. She brings back her experiences to assist other dojo members’ understanding of the many aspects of aikido, building on the Doshu‘s foundations.