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Bradley Kaser demonstrating Kaiten-Nage with Russell Kaufman-Pace

In the final stages of the Shiho-Nage technique, Nicole gives an excellent display of sanshin (alertness-remaining form) with Elizabeth as the uke (receiver).

Perfect placement and connection.

One holds the other with the power of intention.


Delivering a Yokomen-Uchi (Side-head Strike) toward Nicole, Pete gives his training partner energy. Nicole, in turn,  blends and receives the energy given by her training partner’s attack.



As Nicole applies the finish to the technique of Kote-Gaishi, Elizabeth prepares to tap the mat signaling the finish to the techniques application.

Tsuki (an opening is perceived and taken)

While training with bokken, the aikidoist perceives the opportunity to enter and control the circumstance of the encounter.

Brenda and Sherri enjoying the intensity of sincere training.

Big Sky Aikido

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Aikido is martial art training in a Japanese martial way. The art is found within the context of a non-competive, health promoting, and character focused community.

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Training in Aikido

Training within the art of aikido has its purpose within several categories. Aikido is training in character development through the understanding of and the use of etiquette –– how we treat one another from a moral perspective while training in this martial way. Secondly, through the medium of movement we can experience the joy of the aesthetic experience from the perspective of flow between training partners. And thirdly, the training in aikido serves health through exercise; aikido allows the practitioner to remain physically fit through a balance of cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and strength.

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Multiple attackers with Stenzel Sensei deftly moving between them.

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